Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What lame duck session?

The past few days have shown an extaordinarily productive lame duck
session. I am glad to see that the 9-11 rescuers will receive the
medical care that they deserve. Will it be expensive? Absolutely,
but when we are giving "relief" to suffering millionaires, the least
we can do is offer real relief to American heroes.
Another piece of trancendental reform was the repeal of DADT. It was
about time too. All these folks have been asking for is to be able to
serve their country openly. And as for the troops that do not want to
serve with gay troops, well, they have been serving right next to them
since the revolution, but not openly.
I know a lot of my liberal friends are dissapointed with the
President, but he has done, or tried to do what he promised during the
campaign. Politics is the art of the possible, and one has to
compromise to get anything done.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


As far as I know, I do not think that I have anybody in my family that is undocumented, now!
At some points in time, a niece in law here and there were undocumented, as well as some nephew in law, here and there.
Republicans want our votes, and at the same time are pushing for ethnic cleansing, and they wonder why we don't want to vote for them?
The "illegals" they are talking about, are not anonymous to us, they are uncle Pancho, tia Maria, and el primo Paco.
They are not anonymous to us, they have names, and they are our family.
The Dream Act represents a real opportunity for young men and women who did not ask to be brought here, to put to use their talent and their valor for their country, the only country they know.
The Senate has refused to give them an opportunity, and it's a shame.

Christmas Season is Here!

If you are having tamales for breakfast, and tamales for lunch, it
can only mean one thing, the Christmas season is here!!!!!!
Navidad llega ya!!!

Arnulfo Sammuel Almaguer

Friday, December 17, 2010

TSEU News Bulletin

Perry calls for more cuts in the current budget
. . . Governor Rick Perry, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, and Speaker of the House Joe Strauss (R, San Antonio), in a letter to agency boards and commissioners December 6, 2010 called on agency heads and commissioners to cut an additional 2.5% from their budgets for the current fiscal year. This comes on top of the 5% spending cuts mandated this past Spring and will take effect before the proposed 10% cuts for the coming biennium. . . . Agencies and services that were shielded from the 5% cuts will remain protected from these 2.5% cuts, but the governor urged commissioners to “take a broad view across all programs and services to find savings opportunities.” . . . Although programs such as Medicaid and public education programs are exempt from these cuts, the Austin American Statesman reports that Medicaid reimbursement will be cut back starting February 1, 2011: 1% cut to acute care, 2% cut to nursing homes and home-based and community-based services. It is anticipated that these 2.5% cuts could be slashing $42 million from the 2011 budget. . . . Texas is facing an estimated $25 billion budget short fall when the 82nd session starts January 2011.


I am learning to post from my I phone





Arnulfo Sammuel Almaguer

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I have lost my voice, and I am trying to find it again, that, and my muse, so to speak.
will try to write again, and hopefully have something meaningful to say.
Let's see what happens.