Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What lame duck session?

The past few days have shown an extaordinarily productive lame duck
session. I am glad to see that the 9-11 rescuers will receive the
medical care that they deserve. Will it be expensive? Absolutely,
but when we are giving "relief" to suffering millionaires, the least
we can do is offer real relief to American heroes.
Another piece of trancendental reform was the repeal of DADT. It was
about time too. All these folks have been asking for is to be able to
serve their country openly. And as for the troops that do not want to
serve with gay troops, well, they have been serving right next to them
since the revolution, but not openly.
I know a lot of my liberal friends are dissapointed with the
President, but he has done, or tried to do what he promised during the
campaign. Politics is the art of the possible, and one has to
compromise to get anything done.

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