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Fwd: ERS Election Update: Ballots out today!

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Ballots come out today - Don't let yours go to waste!
Ballots will be mailed to every eligible voter in the ERS Board of Trustees election. The ballots will be mailed to the address on file with ERS.

Who can vote
* All active state agency employees
* All Texas legislators and legislative staff
* All state judges and court staff
* All ERS retirees

When do we vote?
March 4 – April 8

To use your paper ballot:
1. Be sure you write in the last four digits of your Social Security number in the spaces
2. Be sure you sign your ballot
3. Be sure you print your name
4. Be sure to mark the box to vote
5. Seal your ballot in the envelope that came with the ballot
6. Send in your ballot with other TSEU members where you work (See "Build voter turnout" below)

You can also vote on-line:
1. Go to
2. Click the VOTE NOW link at the top center of the home page
3. Type in your Employee (ERS) ID an click "SUBMIT"
4. When asked, type in the last four digits of your Social Security number
5.Follow the directions to vote

Caution: do note vote more than once.
IF YOU DO, ALL YOUR VOTES WILL BE VOID. If you vote on-line, don't use your paper ballot. If you use your paper ballot, don't vote on-line

Build voter turnout: make it a group activity
Only about 12% of eligible voters voted in the 2009 election. This position is a crucial one and TSEU members are doing everything we can to increase understanding and participation.
TSEU members in many locations are doing Get Out The Vote campaigns where they work. Members are setting up ballot boxes, organizing ERS voting lunches, or making a chart of who has voted. Note that all ballots collected will be mailed through the U.S. Post Office, which is the only way ballots can be returned. TSEU members will also have "I Voted for Bob" stickers available for members and non-members who have voted.
Join the statewide election committee <CLICK HERE> for more information.

Why it's important
We need ERS Board members who will stand up for state employees

Since 2003, the Texas Legislature has approved numerous cuts and employee cost hikes in our ERS pension and health plans. Now legislators are considering plans that include:

* slashing the state contribution to the pension plans
* converting our pensions to 401-k type 'defined contribution' plans
* forcing ERS to convert our health plan to a high deductible plan
* making employees pay much more out of our paychecks for health coverage
* reducing health coverage for retirees

State employees need representatives on the ERS Board who will stand up to the politicians, call for full funding of our pension and health care plans and who will oppose all cuts.

When the ERS board voted in 2010 to increase employee-paid costs in our health plan, the vote was 6 to 1. Only TSEU member Yolanda Griego voted against the cost increases. Bob Stewart will stand with Yolanda to be a second vote on the Board who will oppose cuts.



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