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Fwd: Monday, March 21st Day of Action! Take a stand against Health Savings Accounts for State Employees

Subject: Monday, March 21st Day of Action! Take a stand against Health Savings Accounts for State Employees
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Monday, March 21st Day of Action

Take a stand against Health Savings Accounts for State Employees!


Rep. Myra Crownover has filed a bill (HB 1766) that would convert our ERS health insurance to a "consumer-directed" health plan. This is just another name for the same health saving account legislation that has been shopped around session after session. This bill will be heard in committee on Tuesday, March 22nd. TSEU is calling for a day of action on Monday, March 21st to take a stand against this bill.

We need action now!

Please call your legislator and members of the Pension, Investments, and Financial Services committee, and ask them to oppose HB 1766 by Rep. Crownover.

Tell them that:

        "Health Savings Accounts won't slow down the overall growth of healthcare costs. It will only force state employees to not seek medical attention due to the costs."

Find out who represents you:

Members of Pension, Investments and Financial Services Committee:

Vicki Truitt (Southlake), Committee Chair: 512-463-0690

Rafael Anchia (Dallas), Committee Vice-Chair:  512-463-0746

Charles "Doc" Anderson (Waco): 512-463-0135

Brandon Creighton (Conroe): 512-463-0726

Anna Luna Hernandez (Houston):512-463-0614

Ken Legler (Pasadena): 512-463-0460

Barbara Nash (Arlington): 512-463-0562

Rob Orr (Burleson): 512-463-0538

Marc Veasey (Austin): 512-463-0716


What are Health Savings Accounts?

Health Savings Accounts are tax protected savings accounts that can only be spent on healthcare expenses. In order to qualify for a Health Savings Account, state employees will have to drop out of their comprehensive healthcare plan and enroll in a high deductible health care plan.

Health Savings Accounts are bad for State Employees because:

  1. They impose an unfair burden on women in their child-baring years. This is because women in this age group usually utilize more routine medical exams, the cost of which can add up quickly.


  1. Employees enrolled in high-deductible health plans are more likely to avoid, skip, or delay health care because of cost. This often leads to great problems down the road.


  1. The average yearly salary of a State Employee is $38,000. Most studies show that Health Savings accounts discourage low-income workers from seeking treatment for health problems. Many state employees and retirees fit into the category of low-income workers. Health Savings Accounts have shown to only benefit more affluent employees making $75,000 and above. 


  1. Our comprehensive healthcare plan only works if we have a mixture of employees in the risk pool. If younger, healthier, and wealthier participants opt for Health Savings Accounts, there will be fewer people in our comprehensive plan. This will shrink the risk pool, making healthcare more expensive for those who remain in a comprehensive coverage plan. At some point, the cost of comprehensive coverage could become so expensive that the state drops it altogether and no longer offers it as a benefit to anyone.


For more information or questions contact Derrick Osobase at 512-448-4225 or your local organizer. To find your organizer go to:


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