Friday, March 04, 2011

Fwd: HHSC/DADS LTSS Mini-Lobby Day Report from 2/23/11

Subject: HHSC/DADS LTSS Mini-Lobby Day Report from 2/23/11

On Wednesday, Feb. 23rd, Health and Human Services Commission Union Activists from regions 3,6,7,8, & 10 came to Austin to participate in the HHSC/DADS LTSS Mini-Lobby Day.

In all, 10 members met with 22 legislators and their staffers to discuss the proposed budget cuts. Members stressed the immediate need to hire thousands more front-line staff and urged legislators to require cost-benefit analysis for current and any future contracted eligibility services.

In addition, members met to discuss TSEU's plan for defeating the attacks on state employees and services. We will have the largest turn-out ever at the all-agency/university/friends Lobby Day on April 6th , ask co-workers to join the Union and COPE, get others to sign and send Stop the Cuts Postcards to their legislators, and be the front line of building a coalition to save state services. We also discussed the importance of getting Bob Stewart elected onto the ERS board of trustees.

We have tentatively set our next caucus meeting for Saturday, June 18th. Please mark your calendars right away and make plans to attend.

See you all in Austin on April 6th!

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