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Subject: Lead the March on Lobby Day
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Lobby Day is our chance to say loud and clear that state employees care. We will stand up for our jobs, our pension, our health care, and for work we do for the people of our state. With the threats to state services and state jobs greater than ever, our show of solidarity and determination also has to be greater than ever.
Be there – Austin – April 6.



Lead the way on April 6
Lobby Day ticket contest will decide march order

This year the march order for TSEU groups will be determined by how many members come to Lobby Day from each area of the state. The state has been divided into nine Lobby Day ticket regions. These regions are based partly on the twenty two TSEU service areas and partly on probable bus routes. We have calculated the number of members in each Lobby Day ticket region. We will divide the total number of tickets into the total number of members to get a percentage. The march order on April 6 will be determined by this percent of tickets to members, with the top group leading the march.

Below are the broad region categories and the percentages of tickets with regards to the number of members in that region.


Go to the LOBBY DAY page of the TSEU website for a listing of cities to know exactly with which group you are a part.

Contact your organizer for details or materials to increase the number of tickets in your area.

For more details contact:



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